Honeymoon in Bali Island Tour

Indulge in a touch of adventure, culture and luxury as you celebrate your marriage on our Honeymoon in Bali tour. With secluded resorts, golden beaches and lush, rolling hills creating a magnificent backdrop you’ll discover why Bali has earned its reputation as the ultimate romantic holiday destination.


Bali In Depth Tour

The ‘Island of the Gods’ has built a reputation as one of the most desirable holiday destinations on the planet and not without good reason as you will disover on this Bali in depth tour. Explore Bali’s eastern provinces, with sightseeing excursions to architectural wonders and breathtaking natural environs. Explore […]


Bali Explorer Tour

Feel the warm tropical air, the smooth ocean sand on your feet, see exotic temples decorate the landscape and hike amongst legendary landscapes and volcanoes. Be a Bali Explorer. Along with its main attractions, you’ll delve deep into the island’s lesser known sites and capture its hidden gems for an […]

Best Of Sumatra Tour

Best Of Sumatra Tour

The worlds sixth largest island and Indonesia’a biggest , Sumatra is a veritable playground consisting of rugged mountains, fertile valleys and untamed jungles. On this 8-day Best of Sumatra tour come face to face with the islands famed Orangutans, encounter a world of exotic fruits and immerse yourself in the […]


Flores & Komodo Explorer Tour

Discover the kaleidoscopic wonders of Flores in this exciting week-long Indonesia tour. Flores, which means flower in Portuguese, is a fitting name for an island brimming with remarkable natural beauty and rich indigenous cultures. Venture into its rugged interior to discover soaring volcanoes, multi-hued crater lakes and tribal groups with […]

Wonders Of Yogya Tour

Wonders Of Yogya Tour

Yogyakarta lies in the central part of Java, just an hour’s drive away is the largest Buddhist monument in the world, Borobudur. You should plan at least 2 hours for your Borobudur tour so you can take your time to explore this immense temple complex at your own pace. The […]

highlights of central java tour

Highlights Of Central Java Tour

The historic and cultural heartland of Indonesia’s most populous island, Central Java is an enchanting region home to fertile highland plains, ancient archeological wonders and friendly people with age-old traditions. Traversing Jogjakarta, Borobudur and Dieng Plateau, this Highlights of Central Java Indonesia tour package blends the immense cultural riches and […]


Bali Cycling through paradise

North of Ubud, you’ll a little piece of paradise where the rice paddies are vibrantly green and fresh. The valleys and hillside terraces seem to stretch on forever and the ancient, traditional villages form a stark contrast to the touristy south. As you visit Bali on this trip, you’ll travel […]