Sri Lanka

sri lanka stop-over tour

Sri Lanka stop-over tour

Includes and experience the finest that Sri Lanka can offer- Ruins and statues of the ancient cities, the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, lush tea estates and valleys, waterfalls and reservoirs , wildlife National parks and un-spoilt turquoise blue Indian Ocean beaches with the finest hotels. This tour does not […]

highlights sri lanka tour

Highlights Sri Lanka tour

Unparallel greenish hill views, exiting wildlife & world renowned ancient Dambulla rock cave temple, this combination will take your breath away. You will experience the proud legacy of Sri Lanka while passing the Sri Dalada Maligawa or The Temple of the Tooth. Sri Lanka as an Island nation surrounded by […]

experience sri lanka tour

Experience Sri Lanka tour

If you are an avid traveler with a passion for unique cultures, breathtaking landscapes and palm fringed beaches, you are sure to consider Sri Lanka for the next holiday. Changes of landscape climate and terrain every 2.5 hours drive is amazing. Friendly and professional hosts will introduce you to the […]

Sri Lanka heritage tour

Sri Lanka heritage tour

This is a 8 day tour that will give you a peek into Sri Lanka’s long and rich history, and tangible evidence of this civilization still exists in the form of remains of buildings, Temples, sculptures, art, etc. The Cultural Triangle, the up-country area and the South are the regions […]

Best of Sri Lanka culture tour

Best of Sri Lanka culture tour

Be amazed at the incredible diversity of this island – from brilliant blue seas to cool and chilly hills. This tour begins from the serene seaside town of Negombo on the outskirts of Colombo and will take you on to the Cultural Triangle in the former medieval kingdoms of ancient […]


Trails of Lanka tour

A fun tour that commences with a 16km Cycle tour and includes several treks, boat rides and Flat Water Rafting. You will visit the verdant Sinharaja Rain Forest and the Yala National Park with its abundance of animals such as Elephants, Leopards, Deer and many more. The Southern leg of […]

explorer secrets of lanka

Explorer secrets of Lanka

A tour filled with treks and plenty of other exciting activities for the adventurous. One of the treks is to the historic ‘3 Temple Loop’ in the Kandy area and this is followed by a Cultural Show, to add some interesting variety to the tour. Also scheduled is a visit […]

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Culture and heritage tour

Sri Lanka is a country which, though very small, boasts of an ancient civilization and a rich culture that influences the lives of the people even today. Due to the long period of colonialism that this island went through, there are traces of many foreign cultures that have blended in […]